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The team at Slipstream Capital are business professionals having backgrounds in law, accounting, corporate finance and technology.

With investments, projects and portfolio companies in Australia, UK, Channel Islands, Asia and China over many years, the Slipstream Capital directors take an active role to bring integrity, financial skills, legal risk management and international business experience to assist the executive teams of each of the Portfolio Companies to create substantial shareholder value and execute successful investment exits.




Slipstream Capital works with capital partners in Australia, UK, Asia and Channel Islands.

Slipstream Capital generally takes a pre-seed or seed investment as a Foundation Shareholder, with follow-on investment or larger investment amounts syndicated with partners for later funding rounds:

* Development Funding (up to $0.25M)
* Seed Capital (up to $0.5M)
* Series A Capital (up to $2.5M)
* Series B Capital (up to $10M)
* Project funding
* Joint Ventures
* Tradesale and IPO



John R Innes

Executive Director


John Innes has enjoyed a 30+ year successful career as a Corporate Lawyer  with international experience in the technology, enterprise software, insurance and financial services industries.

John is now focused exclusively on venture capital investments and leading a portfolio of fintech,  insuretech, big data and hardware technology companies having disruptive technologies.

Slipstream Capital is the private investment vehicle of the Innes Family Office.

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