John Innes

Slipstream Capital Limited


John Innes Commercialisation Adviser

John Innes

Following a successful 30+ year career as a Corporate Lawyer with international experience in Australia, China, UK and USA, John is now focused solely on venture capital and a portfolio of investee companies having disruptive technologies.

Slipstream Capital Limited is based in Hong Kong and having an Australian subsidiary with representative offices located in Sydney.

John holds legal, accounting, corporate finance and IT qualifications and is a Member of the following professional bodies:

* Association of Corporate Counsel Australia
* Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association
* Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand
* Licensing Executives Society of Australia and New Zealand

John has operated at Senior Executive level within the largest Australian financial institutions and several US technology giants responsible for product development, business development and strategic business units in Australia, Asia, China, UK and USA.

Uniquely, he has hands-on experience as Foundation Shareholder in or Professional Director of, the Portfolio Companies of early-stage company accelerator, Business Innovation Group Limited of Hong Kong covering infotech, datatech, fintech, insuretech, cleantech and agritech sectors.

This unique combination of experience enables John to assist investee companies in global strategy, IP protection, IP commercialization, capital raising, investor and capital partner introductions, investor due diligence and tradesale negotiations.

Past Investments

Several of the Innes Family Office investee companies and start-ups have already achieved multi-million dollar exits, including:

  • Innes-Owens Workers Compensation (Licensed Insurer)
  • Asia Strategic Investment Alliances Limited

Substantial investor returns from these early investments and start-up successes, led to the establishment of the Innes Family Office upon the passing of the late Ian R  Innes.

Ian was an insurance industry leader for 40 years and a highly decorated WWII veteran whose Life Story and Awards reflect the ethical standards and values of Slipstream Capital.

Current Investments

Three current major projects are under development in Australia and United Kingdom working with world-class partners to disrupt their industries in 2020/21.

Augmented Reality Holdings Limited   

Smart safetyglasses, wearables, patented lens technology and augmented reality for enterprise and consumer market segments.

This London-based enterprise is led by technology expert and virtual reality pioneer Gregg Eichhorn and is supported by the world’s leading Technology R&D Group of optics and electronics scientists and European and partnered with major European design, eye wear and nanotechnology companies.

Futureproof Financial Group Limited         

Next generation smart mortgages transforming retirement funding and equity release and supporting new breakthrough financial products.

This Hong Kong-based enterprise comprises senior insurance and banking specialists led by John Innes and is in exclusive global collaboration with the world’s leading Management Consulting Group providing technology and fintech innovation to its global financial institutions as its Clients.

 Causality Activity Analysis  Pty Ltd   

Next generation data analytics detecting cause/effect relationships and predictive analytics needed to support the development and implementation of machine learning and AI.  This Sydney-based enterprise is led by Professor Dr John Galloway OAM, who is regarded as the father of data science and data analytics in Australia and a  world-renown expert in Complex Systems.

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